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First Year Puppy


Getting a puppy at a young age is such a special and important time for you and puppy.

There is so much to know, so many milestones that need to be met and proper socialization is key to a happy healthy well balance dog!


This course is designed specifically to teach you everything you need to know about raising a dog. Remember you are raising a dog, not a puppy. Puppies don't just "grow out" of behaviors, the grow into them. As puppy raisers it's important to understand all the cognitive and physical developments they will go through and when. This deep understanding of what the puppy is going through will help us humans adapt our approach to training depending on the stage our puppy is in.

Unfortunately, our little bundles of fluff are only puppies for a few months and then they head into the teenie bopper stage. The beginning of adolescence differs per dog and breed but typically between 6-7 months. They will be testing everything they know, going through hormonal changes and exploring the world in a different way. This looks different for each dog - some dogs become more confident and forward where others start developing different fears. We will be there to help you navigate this period and set you and your growing dog up for success. During this stage it's crucial to reinforce the behaviors you want, enforce boundaries and create environments your dog can be successful in.  

We have another stage of hormones that kick in around 10-14 months depending on the dog, this begins their teenage nightmare stage. Think of what you were doing at 14,15 years old, probably nothing good huh? Thats exactly what your dog is going through. At this stage of life, they are ready to have more freedom, do what they want to do and careless about what you say. Here is where many people start to struggle or give up. But this is where training can start to be so fun if you understand what to do. We will give you the tools and outlets to help you create a fulfilling, enriching and behaved life for you, your dog and family. 


This is a minimum of a 6-month commitment with an option to opt out or renew for another 6-months. You will get two in person lessons per a month and one 30-minute virtual coaching session each month. All curriculum is personally created to educating you on everything you need to know and helping you learn the skills you need to be a successful dog owner for years to come! ​​

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