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The Backstory

Black Diamond Dog Training was founded on our unwavering commitment to creating training programs that are tailored to both the unique needs of the dog and humans. Our mission is to demystify complex canine issues, presenting them in a simplified manner that resonates with a normal pet parent

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive education on all aspects of canine care, from fostering genuine socialization to mastering effective grooming techniques. Our primary focus is on empowering our clients to guide their dogs towards a state of calmness, allowing them to process their surroundings in a healthy manner. Our training methodology embraces a "whole-istic" approach, wherein we diligently study and integrate various training methods, equipping our trainers with the expertise to overcome any challenge or help undo damage. 

Black Diamond Dog Training was founded by me, Jessica Mushinsky, and Brittany Magnusson, both of us faced distinct challenges with our own dogs, experiencing frustration and a sense of helplessness in the process. After seeking assistance from multiple trainers, countless videos, and books to address my dog Wilson's fear-based aggression and reactivity, I decided to obtain certification to figure it out on my own. Initially, with no intentions of turning it into a profession. Witnessing the positive transformation in my dog's behavior and quality of life, people began reaching out to me for help, leading to the first steps of creating Black Diamond Dog Training.

I graduated from Animal Behavior College in 2021 with a certification in dog training, I also hold Bachelor's degrees in Management and Marketing. I previously managed a high-volume, fast-paced dog daycare and grooming facility while training on the side.  I'm committed to continuous learning -from dogs, their owners, other professionals, and courses. I am currently enrolled in Michael Shikashio's Dog Aggression Course and I have completed several courses through the IAABC. 

You may notice that we do not prioritize a strong presence on social media, this choice reflects our dedication to delivering nothing less than our best. Crafting quality content demands significant time and focus, resources that we prefer to channel into our clients and our ongoing education. We have just created a Facebook and Instagram page, Please bear with us as we build our content, but for now, enjoy cute weekly photos and stories.

Now, let's shift the spotlight to Brittany, who approached me two years ago to help her with her working-line German Shepherd, Kato (pictured to your right).

 After half a year of intensive effort with Kato, Brittany developed a deep passion for dog training and started an apprenticeship with me. Her relentless commitment to understanding every dog she works with is unparalleled, and she is currently pursuing her certification through Dognostics while completing her apprenticeship. Brittany holds a Bachelor's degree in Sports, Entertainment, and Event Management from Johnson & Wales University.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a bit. We would love to get to know you, your family and your dog and help in anyway we can. Please feel free to email us at anytime at

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